My Favorite Instrument

It’s really my hobby to play the piano (if it’s available) everytime me and my mom are at our favorite  mall. I always look at that piano if no kids or adults playing it when i enter,then i say to my mom that i’ll just look for something and then suddenly i’ll seat on the piano chair and play my favorite piece. I always play songs of my favorite band so it’s not surprising.  Every time i’m playing i always feel like i was alone and i feel relax then suddenly after i finished my play,the people watching clap so i realized “Oh god,i was at the mall” hahaha then i’ll just walked back to my mom like nothing happened. My mom’s looking at me with meaning “you do it again”. I just laugh.

I started playing piano when i was young,no one teach me. I saw or piano on our house but no one it playing it. It’s like a “house display” so i decided to open it and play. Of course at first,no right keys on my play. Just pressing the tabs. Then days,months and years go by,after of almost everyday of playing it,i learned. It feels so good to play piano. Everytime i’m sad i’ll just play it then i’m happy again.

That’s my piano story. Boring ne?

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One Response to My Favorite Instrument

  1. ~ noie ~ says:

    sugoi! you are gifted 😉 thank you for sharing your talent, more piano uploads hehe

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