Preparing for Singapore

This is how i prepare for my Singapore trip. My dad has a business trip in Singapore and of course as a baby girl,i’m coming with my dad. My mom and my big brother can’t come with us because they have both work. And i’m lucky that i don’t have class and i’m so free. Preparing my lagguage for the trip. Honestly,i don’t know what to bring until my friend told me that it’s so hot in Singapore and just bring thin clothes. I removed all the thick clothes.i just bring a couple of pants and shorts,tees and a dress and of course primary necessities of every girl’s needs.

This is my lagguage.

and this is my clothes that i will wear.

I’m really excited on thus trip. This is just me and dad. We’ll be staying in Marina Bay Sand Resort. SEE YOU SINGAPORE!!!

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One Response to Preparing for Singapore

  1. ~ noie ~ says:

    daddy’s girl day out, [miss my dad] nice to spend summer, ne? ;D

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