Welcome to Singapore

Me and my Dad wake up early because we have a scheduled flight going to Singapore yesterday. My dad has a business trip in Singapore for 3 days. My mom and my brother can’t come with us. Mommy bring us to the Airport. Our flights is early so need to be in Airport at least 2 hours before the flights. All my things are READY! I’m excited for this trip. I’ll be having a 3days Singporean Holiday. Yatta (^^)V 7 hours of flight via Singapore Airline from Tokyo to Singapore so that will be tiring but i feel more excited.

At the plane: nothing to do on the plane. I just eat and eat and eat. Read and read and read…

We arrived at the Airport at the exactly 6 in the evening. I really feel so tired but i didn’t lower my energy. At the Airport,i was looking around and looking at other passengers coming and leaving. The Airport is so NICE and BEAUTIFUL and BIG (eyes wide open). Same as a Narita but i’m bias so i’ll say Narita is more Nice (^^)V. We’re stuck on the lagguage area because of 3flights arrived the same time so all the passengers are excited to get their lagguages,believe me there are lots of them. I’m busy looking for mine. After getting ours,one man wearing a suit came to us and talk to daddy “Good afternoon,Mr. Ichikawa?” daddy answered “Yes?” the man introduced himself and daddy did the same. He introduced me too. Then the man said “This way,sir. We’ll bring you to hotel you’ll be staying.” We followed him and outside one car is waiting for us.

On the ride going to hotel,while me and my dad and the man in the suits are talking…my eyes are busy looking the view outside the car. SINGAPORE IS SO NICE. A lot of big building and cool places but it’s really hot. My friend Caraline is so right,it’s summer in Singapore and thank god i followed her advice to wear thin clothes. I’m wearing short and a simple tees and a flat shoes. My head is almost outside the window of the car hahaha…it’s really a nice place to visit. We arrived at the hotel and i almost had a heart attack when i found the name of the Hotel we will be staying…

MARINA BAY SAND RESORT. I was like “WHAT? Marina Bay Sand?” are you kidding me? This is SINGAPORE’S MOST GLAMOROUS INTEGRATED RESORT. WORLD CLASS.  I do my researched before going here of course. I was blank looking at the door then my dad said “Kami,let’s go.” I slowly enter the Hotel.

HOTEL ROOM. WOW! nothing more i can say but WOW! I can’t describe it but it’s like the 7 Star Hotel,Burj Al Arab in Dubai (i’ve never been in Dubai,base on my research too) I still can’t believe we’re staying here. I look outside and here’s what i saw…

From the hotel. WOW! I feel like i didn’t leave Japan. This is so cool. I explore the whole room. hahaha…More stories next time. I’m really tired and hungry! see you around. Ja ne…

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One Response to Welcome to Singapore

  1. ~ noie ~ says:

    whee so happy for you ;D smap were there the last time haha

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