Singaporean Holiday (Day 2)

Second day in Singapore. I woke up early today because i think that my 3 days stay here in Singapore is not enough. A lot of wonderful places are still need to go and explore.  The Sentosa,Botanical Garden and the Universal Studio Singapore are on my list.  Daddy has a meeting so I’m alone but he asked for one of the staff to accompany me while exploring the hotel and be my tour guide. Her name is Isabella,she said i can call her Isa. We went to the Shopping mall.  Isa almost knew anything about the hotel. From the Shopping Mall to the Casino to the Restaurants. She’s a good tour guide. She brought me to Shopping Mall and pointing the good quality clothes,shoes and others. All the boutique at the mall are BRANDED. From Prada to Channel,Ralph Lauren to Guess and my Favorite CHLOE. I super love the mall. I bought couple of shirts and shoes and other accessories too. I bought Mommy a bag like what she said.

SUPER HUGE MALL. Almost everything you need are inside. I also think that you don’t need to go outside because this mall is a complete package. It has a MALL,MUSEUM,CASINO,RESTAURANT,ENTERTAINMENT. Everything you need are here. Wait,am i promoting the Marina.

Guess Boutique.

Lunch at the Rise Restaurant in Marina Bay Sand Resort.

That was so nice! Anything about Science are here. This is the place for the SCIENTIST! hahaha I feel kinda sad cause i’m not with my dad today. He needs to attend a meeting. I wish he was here with me…we’re waiting for him and we we’re going to Sentosa today.  Tired but we need to go to SENTOSA. No time to for breaks. We only have 1day left and that’s for The Universal Studio Singapore.

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