Starbucks Singapore

Wandering around the place,looking for a place to eat while waiting for a day to end. It’s too tiring to walked here in there in Singapore but still happy. I learned new things. Singaporean Cultures and Traditions. Singaporean are really nice person,they greeted us even they didn’t knew us. Honestly,i’m really looking for a Starbucks Shop. Thank god i found one.  One Singaporean guy came to us and say “hi”. Isa and i smiled in each other. Anyway back to the food thingy. We’re really hungry.

Food Mart haha Finally we found one.

Favorite Starbucks.

GREEN TEA LATTE: I tried their green tea latte,since i’m used to drink green tea in japan. It’s good for the health and Thumbs up for Starbucks to have an idea like this….it’s really good.

Isa’s Latte.

After that,we’re energized again and we continued endless walk around Singapore. I need to explore Singapore more. I only have 1 day left. Honestly,we don’t know where to go. We cant decide. hahaha so we just talk.

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One Response to Starbucks Singapore

  1. ~ noie ~ says:

    hmm our after meal joint; stories to share & pictures to take hehe

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