Universal Studio Singapore


Me and my dad went to Universal Studio Singapore as a part of my 3day Singporean Holiday. He promised me to bring me in USS. I’m really excited to be here in Singapore and it’s really nice,except the weather that’s really hot but i didn’t stopped me. I woke up early and prepare myself. I will bring my tab and notes to write everything that will happen to me that day…

First time to be here in Singapore and on it’s famous Universal Studio. We also have Universal Studio in Japan (Osaka) and i’ve been there almost 4 times already. I know i told everyone is a big no no for me but i can’t help myself not to compare the two Universal Studios,the USS and the USJ. At the latter part of this article you will read my comparison. But let’s have a tour on the USS first.

I was wearing a flat shoes,a yellow tees and short. It’s hot so it’s good to wear shorts and a thin cloth so you will feel comfortable to surround the USS. My dad’s wearing a simple tees too and a pants. From Marina Bay Sands Resort,where were staying…we went to USS at 11:15 am. Of course,what do expect? full of people.

All pictures are RANDOM (^^)V

20110825-123603.jpg 20110825-123755.jpg
Famous Sign of the US. Let’s go.

20110825-123825.jpg 20110825-123941.jpg

20110825-124123.jpg 20110825-124137.jpg
There are a lot of place to visit and rides to ride on but i can’t think what will i’ll try first.

20110825-124315.jpg 20110825-124331.jpg

Jurrasic Park


20110825-124927.jpg 20110825-124944.jpg


20110825-124643.jpg 20110825-124709.jpg

The Roller Coaster Ride

At first,my dad doesn’t want to ride that. He said he’s scared for me but i’m sure he’s scared for himself. After of almost 20 minutes of trying to convince him,he said “Okay! Okay!” Yes…we ride that and really it’s really scary but so much fun. My dad was joking saying he will vomit after we ride the Roller Coaster.

20110825-125137.jpg 20110825-125158.jpg
Shrek’s Far Far Away Castle.

At night.

After a tiring day in USS,went back to Hotel. So tired but i really enjoyed. One day is not enough,we didn’t take all the rides,just a few but we never missed to ride the Roller Coaster. That was amazing. I didn’t noticed the time when we were there. I’m busy looking at everything inside. I just wish my mom and my brother are here with us but my dad promised me that will we going back here with them. That’s so nice. I can’t wait for that.

I can’t think of a difference between the two UNIVERSAL STUDIOS. They are both nice and great. I’m lucky i’ve been in both. They both Universal Studios so i think no so much differences except maybe the country they were. USJ is cool too. Try to visit it and you’ll never regret. Promoting USJ? hahaha

Good bye USS. Good bye Singapore! until next time and thank you,i had a great time.

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One Response to Universal Studio Singapore

  1. ~ noie ~ says:

    good job on your ‘long’ roller coaster ride haha i want to try it too, someday 😉

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