Coffee bonding with brother

Bonding with my brother in Ginza today. He’s free so he invited me to have a coffee in Ginza. I said “We’ll drink coffee during summer?” he just laugh. I really have a weird family (sniff)

Tully’s Coffee in Ginza

20110826-123514.jpg 20110826-123528.jpg
Sharing one ice coffee with my brother. We taste it first if it’s good. This is our snack.

We talk alot,i miss my brother. He’s always busy with work so we don’t have time to be together like this. As usual,same as like other brother he always said “be a good girl,hmm? study well” with the touch on the head and mess up my hair. I answered: “i promise!” I told my brother that i want to study abroad and live alone on collage. He was shocked and said…

Brother: “i thought you want to go to Keio?”
Me: “Yes,but i want to experience to live alone. On the place where no one knew you,i want to be independent.”
Brother: “that’s impossible. I won’t allow you…especially Daddy”

With a deep emphasize on the word “DADDY”. As expected,i knew he will say this. Hahaha I knew it and i’m so right!!! hahaha Forget it…
After eating,brother asked “It’s still early. What do you want to do? Where do you want to go?” I just said “anywhere is okay!” Then we wander around Ginza.

WELCOME TO GINZA. Busy as Shibuya

Dior Shop

Big Apple Shop in Ginza.

Brother bought me and new case for Iphone. (sniff) i thought he will buy me and new mac…hahaha
That was a nice bonding. Oniisan,Arigato!!!

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