Cosmetic Shopping

My one day in Shibuya with mom is so fun. We’re doing nothing at home then suddenly Mommy said “let’s go to Shibuya”. I was like “huh? why?” She didn’t answer,she just dragged me out and we went to Shibuya. I have an idea,daddy gave her some money so she’s wants to do shopping. hahaha

Welcome to Shibuya. As busy as always.

20110826-010839.jpg 20110826-011204.jpg
as always…busy. We went to Missha Cosmetic Shop and my mom said “you should learn to use make ups now!” i look at her like “huh?” mom said “you’re a lady now.” She bought me exactly like these. Foundation, Lipstick, Blush On, Lipgloss, Eye liner, Eye Shadows and Brushes. My goodness,what will i do with these besides i don’t know how use them. I only use powder and lipgloss…that’s all.

20110826-011219.jpg 20110826-011232.jpg
Eating at Momo Paradise

after eating,we passed by this Miu Miu Shop.


That’s our tiring day wandering around Shibuya. Thanks mom!!!

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