Family Dinner @Seizan

One ordinary day passed in our family but not an ordinary night. Our ordinary night is like this: Daddy and brother arrived home 8 in the evening and after that we will eat our dinner but this night is different. After changing clothes,daddy and oniisan and waiting for our dinner to be serve by mommy. Brother and i talking and playing until dad so suddenly said “let’s have a dinner outside”. My brother and i looking at each other with a (~-)? look. We were like “huh?” and oniisan asked “any special occasion?”. Mommy asked “why?” Daddy answered “nothing. I just want to have a family dinner outside.” We were like “Okay~”. And surprise,we don’t changed clothes. I was wearing a short and a simple t-shirt and i just wear my flat shoes. I think my look is okay,just casual. We just go somewhere in Tokyo and looking for a restaurant.
We went to Sushi Seizan in downtown Tokyo.

20110826-023708.jpg 20110826-023754.jpg

Sushi Seizan
Tel: 03.5772.2077
Roppongi Hills West Walk 5F, 6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
approx. JPY6,000 – JPY9,000 per person for dinner

20110826-023833.jpg 20110826-023907.jpg

20110826-023924.jpg 20110826-023948.jpg
At the Entrance (My goodness,so Expensive)

20110826-024056.jpg 20110826-024022.jpg
Like Brother,Like Sister. We need to have a BIG APPETITE,niichan =)

20110826-024123.jpg 20110826-024143.jpg
Mommy and Daddy’s meal…Ja,Itadakimasu. Can you believe we ate all of that? BIG APPETITE. The FOOD is super good.

After Eating,Daddy whispered “Last time we will eat here!” We laugh. I want to say “You dragged us here.” (laugh) He can’t do anything but to pay. In a typical Sushi house,one sushi cost around 250¥ only but here it cost 7,000¥. Expensive ne? But i love you daddy.

Thank you for the food.

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