This is from Bon Odori Malaysia 2011. No,i wasn’t in Malaysia and attended it…I was just tagged in this photo in FB. This is from my wonderful friend…super thank you. She took this photo especially for me. I super love it…Thank you,thank you and thank you. That was my name written on it. I want one. It’s a HACHIMAKI. For those who are curious about what Hachimaki means…


A hachimaki (鉢巻) is a stylized headband bandana in Japanese culture, usually made of red or white cloth, worn as a symbol of perseverance or effort by the wearer. These are worn on many occasions.

They are generally decorated with inspirational slogans, like 日本一 (Nippon Ichi, “the best of Japan” or “Japan’s best”), but most typically with the rising sun motif. (Source: Wikipedia)

Thank you again for the picture (^^)V

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