Me wearing it…

Today,i’m wearing my Favorite Shirt. My dad gave this to me last year and i also wore this in Arashi Concert last November 21st, 2010 in Tokyo Dome. I wear it and take a picture of it in from of my mirror. This is the BACK part.

I super love this shirt. Thank you daddy 😉



Anyway…Niichan and i went to Baskin Robbins to have an ice cream…yippie 😀 I don’t want wrong with my brother but we really get along to much lately. He wants to be with me,hahaha. He play with me,he talk to me a lot and even asking me out? He ate wrong food,i bet. Food that has a “SWEET POTION” to a younger sister…I’m really wondering why my brother is so KIND and NICE to me recently? hahaha but i love it.

Baskin Robbins inside Tokyo Tower.

WOW! i want to eat all of it..

My brother asked me if i wanted to try all of that? I answered “what?” . My goodness brother,next day or 2,we have colds and flu.

Love it,niichan…arigato 😀 Until next time…

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One Response to Me wearing it…

  1. ~ noie ~ says:

    irresistible! happy colors, wow chocolate fondue! I wish I also have a [an older] brother 😉

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