One day in my life

Today,i went to Yumi’s house. I visited her…i always do this every time i’m free and she did the same to me. We’re bestfriends for almost…as long as i remember. hahaha we just talk and talk and talk about everything,like about school, our classmates, favorites, likes and of course our favorite band.

mom prepared me a Cake (Fujiya). My favorite. It’s really good. I love it…Thank you for the food.

I almost on my half. I eat fast (^^;)

After eating,we decided to walk around. Then we passed by this Starbucks Coffee shop. We go inside to look for a thumbler.

Starbucks Tumbler. I so love the pink…Yumi love the white thumbler.

I bought a cup from Starbucks. Look how much it cost…

We passed by in Tokyo Tower but didn’t go inside besides we’ve been there many times. That’s one ordinary day of my life.

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3 Responses to One day in my life

  1. ~ noie ~ says:

    you really like starbucks, i’d like to treat you the Black Sesame Green Tea Cream Frappuccino 😉

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