Depression Strikes

I’m really depressed today. I feel like i’m too lazy to move or to do my daily routine. I should be happy because today is our last day of classes and it’s summer vacation but i felt i have no energy inside my body. I’m not on my own self,i didn’t talk so much today…there’s something heavy inside me that stopped me to be happy. My bestfriend Yumi,feel the same way. She sympathized with me (^^;) Always asking me “what’s wrong?” and followed by “Who are you? you’re not Kami?” i smiled. Honestly,i really don’t know what’s wrong with me. I woke up like this. I don’t want to be like this. Yumi bring me to the music room and sat me up on the piano chair and said “Play any song. It will make you feel better” I just stare at her with force smile. Looking at the piano with about 3 minutes,my fingers doesn’t want to move. I’m not on the mood to play. Yumi said “C’mon,play it”. I took a very deep breath and put my hands on the Piano. I played Arashi’s Over with slow tempo. You can feel on my play that i’m really depressed and not on usual self today. Yesterday,i was so happy but now…(sigh)

I usually eat Ice Cream when i’m depressed or stressed but Yumi bring me to Starbucks in Shibuya house after school. I said “but i want Ice Cream” She said “No!” with sharp look.

20110824-115445.jpg 20110824-115529.jpg
My Milk Tea. I admit,i felt good after tasting my milk tea but still feel depressed in some ways. Yumi’s Frappucinno

I tasted both and it’s good,hahaha Am i right? I laughed? hahaha feeling good a bit now. Thanks to Yumi, forever be grateful that you are my best friend. Thank you Yumi. When i got home i played piano again…and ate ice cream.

Sorry about the drama thing.

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One Response to Depression Strikes

  1. ~ noie ~ says:

    good job to yumi 😉 I love Iced Caramel Macchiato 😉

    I also get depressed at times, from time to time I think it’s okay, we see things on a different state of mind hehe

    you’ll get over it 😉 have a nice day!

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