Tagalog Words

These are some of my Tagalog notes that i wrote and I collected them while reading the status of some of my Filipina/Filipino friends in Facebook and researching the meaning of it. I used google translate to understand this words…Honestly,i don’t know how to read them properly.

Mabuhay (i don’t know the meaning,i think it’s like “Welcome”)
Magandang Umaga (Good morning)
Magandang Hapon (Good Afternoon)
Magandang Gabi (Good Evening)
Maraming Salamat (Thank you)
Maligayang Kaarawan (Happy Birthday)
Maligayang Pasko (Merry Christmas)

Guwapo (Handsome)
Maganda (Beautiful)
Mahal Kita (I love you)
Ingat (Take Care)
Mabuti (Fine)
Mahal (Expensive)
Mura (Cheap)
Pakiusap (Please)
Banyo (Toilet)

Kamusta ka? (How are you?)
Walang Anuman (you’re welcome)
Ilan taon ka? (How old are you?)
Ano pangalan mo? (What is your name?)
Saan ka nakatira? (where do you live?)
Kinagalak kita makilala. (Nice to meet you)

Isa (One)
Dalawa (Two)
Tatlo (Three)
Apat (Four)
Lima (Five)
Anim (Six)
Pito (Seven)
Walo (Eight)
Siyam (Nine)
Sampu (Ten)
Dalawampu (Twenty)
Taltlumpu (Thirty)
Apatnapu (Fourty)
Limampu ( Fifty)

Piso is one peso coin. Their currency called Peso.

I don’t know if all these are right so please pardon me. Thanks to all my Filipina friends in Facebook for helping me to learn your language. I’ll be good in this…

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4 Responses to Tagalog Words

  1. ~ noie ~ says:

    sugoi! i also do the same, thanks to google translation 😉 I hope one day we can converse in Filipino or even Japanese 😉 [i’ll be happy to assist you]

  2. Roan Paala says:

    nice cami chan~!
    you’re really learning well
    ang galing mo nang magtagalog ^^v

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