HYD Marathon

To feel better,i watched my Hana Yori Dango DVD. I just saw it on my DVD rack so i decided to put in it and watch. i grab some cookies from the kitchen and milk from the fridge and then…that’s it,MOVIE TIME. I’ve watched many times already but i don’t get tired of it. It’s hilarious and so sweet. I always end up “ahhh~~~i wish i was Makino and Jun is my Tsukasa” after watching it. hahaha

I’m always saying that i’m falling in love with Matsumoto (temporarily) because of his hair. If i will tell my ichiban,you will find out who i am (^^)v Matsumoto san is really handsome…i love his hair and his skin. So white and so Smooth. I’ve watched my Scene DVD many times too because of him…oohhh,i was out of the topic. Okay,let’s go back to the topic.

Anyway,there i was watching the whole night…as in the whole night. I really got hooked on it so i watched from 10pm to 4am (WOW) i did’t sleep. I super love the story. I laughed so hard like i have an stomach ache and i cried to especially NEW YORK scene and the ending part where Tsukasa had an accident. I hate UMI. hahaha I know you are all aware of the drama right so i don’t need to tell it scene by scene. It’s more better if you will watch it. Anyway,i collected quotes from it.

Here are some of my FAVORITE LINES from the drama:

Domyouji: The pancake should be good,it’s difficult to satisfy my “tum-tum” you know.
Makino: Tum-tum?! Does your Japanese really sucks that much?
Domyouji: Japanese is my native language so you can’t say if it sucks or not.
Makino: I guess it’s stupid then.

Domyouji: ‎”I’ll come back when i become even more awesome as a man. Even if you beg me or tell me you can’t live w/o me,i think it’ll make you stronger. But even now,even in the future,even way in the future. You’ll always be the girl i’ll approve of. I’m going to be with you,Makino. I knew your happy.
Makino: No way.
Domyouji: You liar. I know you’re inlove with me.
Makino: I AM in love with you. You’re stupid,selfish and self centered. I’ve fallen in love with…
‎”Even for you,sleep talking is talking when you’re sleeping. Talking when you’re awake is not sleep talking so if it’s sleep talking,talking when you’re awake is okay too but if you it’s not sleep talking it’s talking when you’re awake. Talking when you’re awake means it’s not sleeping…” –Tsukasa Domyouji
‎”Have you ever eaten figs? When you cut a fig in half it looks like a heart so some people say its bitter sweetness. It’s like love. But for me, the flavor of love tastes like the lousy cookies you made.” –Tsukasa Domyouji
“Your tears wont buy you any mercy. As long as that HEART of yours STAYS THE SAME,nobody will ever FORGIVE you.” –Rui Hanazawa
“But there is no logic in love. Falling in love is an irrational thing. Even just by falling in love with someone, you’ll hurt people and you’ll get yourself hurt. To be truly in love with someone, you have to be ready to put your life at risk.” –Nishikado Soujiroh


The Saturn Necklace that the Almighty Domyouji-sama gave to Makino.

I’m looking for the Saturn Necklace. I super like it and i want it…My best friend has one and i don’t have. I’m so jealous. Anyone can give me the link where to buy this with not so expensive price please…please tell me. I’m so desperate to have one. Any guy who will give me the same necklace? I’ll marry you. hahaha

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  1. ~ noie ~ says:

    I love the movie 😉

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