Bad day vs Good day

NOT A GOOD DAY for me…why?

1. My laptop is broken. It didn’t start! (sniff) really annoying. It’s just black and an arrow at the middle. i don’t know what happen. I’m using my mom’s laptop to update my blog and view the fan pages.

2. Livejournal is not working. It’s been 2 days that i can’t view or open my livejournal. I’ve read it that there are certain areas that livejournal is having trouble with and luckily my place is included on the list (sniff). I can’t read new updates or news about my favorite so i don’t know what to post.

But there are good news too…I got my Ticket for the concert. I’ll be flying to Sapporo to watch my favorite band’s concert on  Sunday. I bought a ticket from my friend to watch in and i’m really really really excited. I had sleepless night because of excitement. Finally,i got my chance to see them,i miss them. The last time i saw them was in their Charity event in a huge Dome last month.  I really miss them…and i’ll be going to sapporo by their jet that’s why i’m really really excited. It feels like they will bring me to their concert and bring me back home after the Concert so i’m so safe. hahaha

Who cares about the bad news? It’s fine with me…


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One Response to Bad day vs Good day

  1. ~ noie ~ says:

    is your laptop fixed already?
    who cares about the bad news? It’s fine with me… – love it!

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