Wandering around Ebisu.

Wandering around Tokyo and our feet bring us here…


Have you heard the place already? It’s easier to remember if you will see this.

20110824-114412.jpg 20110824-114441.jpg
Familiar with the place…? If not,did you remember this line? “Nichiyobi. Ebisu Garden Place. Clock Tower 1. 1 0’clock.” 🙂 If you’re thinking what i’m thinking i guess you are right…from the Hana Yori Dango scene. The Hana Yori Dango Season 1 episode 3 (not sure) was shot here. That spot where the kid is playing is the same spot where Tsukasa Domyouji waited for Makino Tsukushi on their first date. I’m so hooked on HYD,i watched it again from the start and i plan to finish it until the end.

We ate @Teppanyaki Ebisu Garden Place (1-4-1 Mita | Westin Hotel Tokyo 22F, Meguro, Tokyo Prefecture 153-8580,Japan)

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5 Responses to Wandering around Ebisu.

  1. ~ noie ~ says:

    the 1st picture reminds me of makati stock exchange, few blocks from the office 😉

    I assume your w/ your best friend 😉 by the way I checked the resto – it says good for romance = dating ne haha

  2. ~ noie ~ says:

    me too!!!!!!

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