Ready to fly

I somehow packed my things for my Sapporo trip on July 31 (Sunday). We have scheduled flight on the night of the 30 of July. 10PM going to Sapporo to watch my Favorite Band’s Concert. Arashi…my brother will accompany me because he has no work on that day. This trip is a sudden decision of mine and take note i was scolded by my mom and my dad for making an own decision to watch the concert alone. I remember my mom said “Can’t you wait until Sept. in Kokuritsu? why you bought a ticket on your own? and IN SAPPORO? Did you know how far it was from here?” I just smiled. I can’t answer cause i really admit that it’s really a stupid idea. I can’t back out anymore besides i really really wanted to go. They have no choice but to allow me…beside it’s my first time in Sapporo. I’m living here in Japan but still i didn’t get the chance to have a tour in some place here in my beloved country. 🙂

This is the very first time that i’ll be watching their concert alone. I know i will meet other fans there so i’m not really worried. I’m really excited. Plus the fact that “Arashi” personally will bring me to their concert. How? well,i booked our flights on their Million Jet. Yes,i will ride the Million Jet again for the second time. I was trying to buy tickets for their Beautiful World Jet but there are no available flights going to Sapporo and my friend gave me an idea to ride on it going back home. isn’t is a great idea? Anyways,i’m excited on this trip. Wish me luck…

My ticket is ready….

I will wear this shirt on the night of the concert 🙂 and my other clothes for 2days are ready too. Shoes. Everything is fine. One Problem is which UCHIWA (fan) i will bring? Ohno or Matsumoto? In concert you can bring 1 uchiwa per person so which one? who?

My beloved Ohno Satoshi or the one who has my heart now,Matsumoto Jun?

I’ve been loyal to Ohno since 2008. He’s my ichiban for almost 3 years and he will be until forever.

But i’m so falling for Matsumoto today because i find him really really gorgeous on his hair. I find him so cute. And i’m so hooked on Hana Yori Dango so i’m falling more more deep.

Actually i find a solution about this,i will paste the 2 fan together side by side so i can bring both. Erai deshou? I don’t know. Whoever is fine with me. Good luck on the day of the concert,can’t wait to see Arashi on stage again. Good luck to me and SEE YOU IN SAPPORO.

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3 Responses to Ready to fly

  1. ~ noie ~ says:

    hahaha you really are a go getter 😉 It’s good big bro is there 😉

    that shade of blue is nice,, love the uchiwas [inggit] 😉

    I thought you buy the goods at the venue, is it pre-ordered too or you go to the JE store in Harajuku to buy in advance? 😉

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