I’m going (^^)V

Tonight is my flight going to Sapporo to watch the Beautiful World Concert tomorrow! Yatta! I’m so excited for this trip. I packed my things 2days ago,hahaha Arashi~~I miss them a lot. I have a chance to see them again perform. I’ll be going to Sapporo via Million Jet (Arashi Jet 1) with flight no. JAL*** . I’m gonna ride this again…Yosh!

[✔] Plane Ticket
[✔] Camera
[✔] Cellphone
[✔] Concert Ticket
[✔] Beautiful World Concert tees
[✔] Clothes for 2days
[✔] Shoes & Accessories
[✔] Uchiwas

Yosh,I’ super excited. See you there =)

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One Response to I’m going (^^)V

  1. ~ noie ~ says:

    aawww so envious hehe
    you enjoy it [them] and do take care! scream for me too 😉

    [tsk tsk your brother accompanied you, but he cant watch ;p]

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