Welcome to Sapporo

I just wrote this because i can’t sleep and i’m looking for a video of Arashi Ni Shiyagare last night’s episode because i didn’t watched it. Anyway,here’s what happened to me/us in the whole 5 hours before the flight and after the flight.

Scheduled flight at 10PM going to Sapporo so we need to be at the airport at least 2 hours before. Daddy and mommy bring us to the Haneda Airport. Before going inside Daddy said “Kiotsukete ne? call us when you arrived” followed by “Kami,be safe. Be careful at the concert” with the kiss on the forehead. I just nod and smiled at him. Mommy said “Sho,take care of her.” My brother answered “Hai,hai!” Then we went inside the Haneda Airport. We waited for 2 hours. I texted some of my important friends and told them that i’ll be going to Sapporo tonight. And got online for few more minutes before departure. I also search some infos. I got tip from my friend about Arashi’s flight going back to Tokyo and i need to be on that flight. I need to be on the same plane with them.

Until “flight going to Sapporo in now on board” announcement was heard. Yatta I’m going to Sapporo. I’m really really excited. I’ll be in Sapporo after 1 & half hour i think…not so sure. Most important to me is to be there safe. Sapporo,here i come. Arashi wait for me…


20110824-111358.jpg 20110824-111417.jpg
Here’s the seal. I zoomed in my camera to take this. Of course i didn’t get a clear shot on the first try. This was after million try. Kidding (^^)V. I can’t sleep during the flight so i took off my camera and take a picture of the view outside the plane. Oniisan’s beside me…eating. I take a pictures of him but sorry,i can’t post it. Too personal,I was just listening on my Ipod the whole flight.

Finally,I’m here in Sapporo. “Welcome to Sapporo,Kami!” It’s my first time so i’m super excited. I took this picture when we arrived at the New Chitose Airport in Sapporo. It’s the same plane i took a picture with before the departure. I feel so safe during the flight. Five gorgeous men is bringing me to Sapporo safely ne? aaahhh~~~Satoshi!!! Second time to rode this Jet and i’m very happy. I arrived in Sapporo. The airport is so nice and really beautiful. And its huge. After all the “Things-to-do” in the airport (Ticket checking and baggage claiming thing). Everything is fine. We went to our Hotel.

20110824-111447.jpg 20110824-111501.jpg
Hotel Resol Trinity Sapporo
3-5 Odori-nishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, 060-0042 Japan
We chose this hotel because it’s cheap and we’re only spending one night here in Sapporo so no need to stay in a luxurious place. Plus,it’s only 6.5 kilometers to Sapporo Dome and very convenient. Our room…My brother and my bed. It’s complete,it has TV,Refrigerator,bath room…everything. Plus the view outside is fantastic.

20110824-111536.jpg 20110824-111550.jpg
No time to eat actually,we’re both tired. We just want to sleep now,it’s almost 12:30 midnight but still hungry. We ate ramen…I need strength for tomorrow night at the concert. I’m so sure i’ll scream alot until my voice lost. hahaha Anyways,that’s the story during flights and departure. Need to sleep. Like what i’ve said i need a lot of power for the concert. Thank you for reading. Oyasumi nasai.

PS: My next post will be about the concert but not be posted here

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