Happiest Day

I woke up early like 7 in the morning to get my self ready for the concert. I need to be fresh and pretty (^^)V I take a bath and choose my clothes that i will wear for the concert. I wore the BW shirt and a short cause it’s somwhow hot in Sapporo. I checked all the things i will bring. Concert ticket,BW my bag,my pen light my uchiwa…wondering whose my date that afternoon,well it’s Ohno. hahaha My friends understands what i’m saying here. Everything is ready. I wore my shoes and my brother will bring me to the Sapporo Dome,6.5 km away from our hotel but i will watch the concert alone.

We arrived at the Dome in 11 am and i’m so shocked,the long is way too long…literally way too long. Like 50,000 people or more are there. I asked myself ‘where’s the end of the line? where’s my line?’ Until my brother asked “are you gonna be okay?” i answered “yes,i think?” then laugh. He smiled. “don’t worry,i will be okay” .

Brother: I’ll pick you up after the concert,call me okay?”
Me: “okay!”
Brother: “if there’s any thing happen,call me right away.
Me: Hai hai…
Brother: Take care.

Then he left. I left alone on the line. I met other fans too while waiting to get inside the dome. The dome will open at 4PM and the concert will start at 6PM. I didn’t get bored cause other fans talking to me. They are so funny and nice. I met Sasaki,she’s from Sapporo and an arashi fan obviously. I said i was from Tokyo and she was shocked. She said “you flew all the way here from Tokyo just to watch them?” i answered “Yes”. Just to make this short,we talked about arashi all those time.

Anyway,we finally get inside but Sasaki’s seat and my seat are far from each other. So i’m alone again. I met 2 girls,they are sitting beside my seat. They talked to me. They introduced their self to me and i did the same.

Girl1: Are you watching alone?
Me: yes
Girl2: are you from here?
Me: no,i’m from Tokyo.
Girl 1&2: (Both shocked)
Me: (Smile) yes,i flew all the way from Tokyo just to watch this concert.

They are still shocked. We talked alot. Ichibans,arashi shows and everything. I won’t share it,it’s kinda long. Let’s go straight to the concert. The concert started at exactly 4PM.

Concert Report
My whole report is posted somewhere here on the web. If you are interested to to read my report,search for it…(^^)V

After the concert,i stayed a few more minutes in Sapporo Dome. This is such a great place. There are two first time in this trip: 1) First time to be here in Sapporo and i don’t regret being here. 2) First time to watch concert alone and i had so much fun. I’ll definitely coming back here in Hokkaido. I was surprised when my cellphone rang,my brother is calling. He’s outside waiting for me so i run outside so fast and i saw my brother standing outside. He checked out already on our hotel and we need to be in Airport for our flight in going back to Tokyo. We only spent 1 day in Sapporo.

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One Response to Happiest Day

  1. ~ noie ~ says:

    so ohno won 😉
    wow kami, that is so exhilarating, making that decision & watching the concert alone, you did well!
    thank you for the report, so miss you!

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