Ahhh~~i can’t sleep and i’m still sick!!! It was 3:47 in the morning according to my phone’s clock.

I’ve been sick for 4days now. I have flu,cough and colds. I don’t like the feeling of being sick. My head is hurting like hell so as my whole body. My body is heavy,i can’t stand from my bed. My eyes are swollen. My throat is hurting too,when eating. My voice is husky (I said to my “Weird things about me” entry that i lost my voice when i get sick. But it was password protected so i’m saying it now.) I can’t eat. I can only eat ramen. I vomit. Aaaahhh~~~Mommy told me that she will bring me to the hospital if this will continue. I said “NO”. I don’t like in the hospital. I don’t like to be hospitalized. The last ime i was hospitalized was late January this year when i collapsed in school due migraine and it’s hard. I spent 3 or 4 days in the hospital. So i told mommy that i’m okay,maybe this is because of tiredness and lack of sleep.

I’m bored now! I can’t go out. I’m getting crazy now. I’m stranded here in my room,doing nothing but to lie down on my bed. She said no more computer now,but i still can’t access on my laptop since i’m alone. And our house is WiFi zone 😉 but i get dizzy when i’m using computer for long time.
I can’t open or update my facebook and all my accounts. I miss them and also my friends. I miss talking to them and to all the friends whose not missing me. hahaha I’ll be be back soon. I need some a rest!!! Goodluck to me and Get well soon 🙂

PS: I published it late…I wrote it midnight.

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2 Responses to Sickness

  1. ~ noie ~ says:

    Listen to your mom, on second thought I don’t want to be hospitalized too, I don’t fancy needles ugghh

    If I’m there, I’ll visit and stay with you while they are at work, when you’re sleeping I’ll be on the net :0

    Thank goodness your okay now, keep it up! 😉

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