I’m Home

I’m home now! Yippie. I just got home today. See,i really don’t need to stay in the hospital for week. I’m fine,my mom just over reacted cause i’ve been sick for a week. I miss my room,my phone,my posters,my magazine. (OA,i stayed in the hosptital for 2days and i miss everything? huh? hahaha)
Anyway,i’m watching “Maou” my super favorite drama. Of course,Ohno is one of the lead star so it’s my favorite.

“I have…no right to love somebody.” –Naruse Ryo

I stopped watching this when i get sicked for 3 days. I was continue watching. Wait,what episode did i stopped? Oh mi gosh,i forgot. Let’s start again,no problem with that hahaha. Even though I memorized the lines and the scenes…still scared of Ohno. I super love Ohno in this Drama.

Watching with Cookies and Milk.

My body is really used to sleep late. Perhaps,one reason why i get sick easily. But even if i wanted to sleep,my mind is still working. Thinking of anything. And i’m only rolling and rolling on my bed,i really can’t sleep.

PS: Have you noticed that i change my layout. I want it so simple and no one would suspect it’s mine. I guess it’s effective ne? But i think in this entry you will know who i am. hahaha

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6 Responses to I’m Home

  1. ~ noie ~ says:

    I’ts good to hear from you! Good job, you’re well! 😉 the cookies are inviting but I don’t drink milk 😦

    He’s been waiting too 😉 thought I’m on the wrong blog hehe anyway have to get use to it 😉

  2. ~ noie ~ says:

    we’ll be roommates soon and we’ll be talking in person too [wishful thinking] ;D
    I get stomach cramps when I drink milk 😦

    • Waiting for that day…i think if we’re together,were just laugh all day…all night. And i’ll talk to you in jap and won’t translate it. Hahaha so that’s really hilarious.

  3. ~ noie ~ says:

    then ill talk in Filipino – double the fun 😉 people will see us as crazy ones 😉

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