Bonding with friends

Went to starbucks today with friends,meaning we’re many. They visited me on the hospital and sending me messages when i was sick and i’m very happy.

20110824-085500.jpg 20110824-085519.jpg
Starbucks in Ginza.
We really had so much fun,we talked alot. They missed me? They visited me everyday when i was in the hospital and they missed me? hahaha but thank you. I don’t want to be sick anymore,really hard.

20110824-085850.jpg 20110824-085906.jpg 20110824-085921.jpg 20110824-085938.jpg 20110824-085955.jpg 20110824-090014.jpg

Some of our coffees. Taken by Akira san. I miss them too. I super love my friends…

PS: Sorry about the low quality of the pictures and the messy look of this entry. I used wordpress for iphone.

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One Response to Bonding with friends

  1. ~ noie ~ says:

    its good to hear you’re having fun w/ them after your stint at the hospital ;0)

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