Movie & Mc Donalds Day

Went to Shibuya today to watch “Kamisama No Karute” (starring Sakurai Sho of Arashi and Aio Miyazaki) in theater with Mommy. But first,we ate at this Mcdonalds.

Mcdonalds Shibuya.

20110827-115649.jpg 20110827-115702.jpg

20110827-115720.jpg 20110827-115732.jpg 20110827-115749.jpg 20110827-115802.jpg
Our food. Burger meals,nuggets and sundaes.

Then went to Cinema to watch.
It’s a heartwarming,very touching and kinda sad movie but it’s really good. Good job on Sho kun’s acting. He made me cry so much. Thank god i bought 2 pack of tissue. Hahaha My mom over reacted and cried alot. She’s really into it.

I won’t share my report about the movie yet,maybe soon. I will spoil the fun if i will do that but i really recomended this movie to everyone to watch. Don’t forget your pack or box of tissues too.

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6 Responses to Movie & Mc Donalds Day

  1. ~ noie ~ says:

    nice bonding w/ your mom, i usually dip fries on my sundae 😉
    hope i’ll find a translated version of this movie [someday] hehe

  2. ate says:

    @noie i dip fries on sundae too!(especially if it’s chocolate) everytime!! hahahah..

  3. ~ noie ~ says:

    cool, its better than ketchup! haha
    ill try putting fries on my burger sometime 😉

  4. ate says:

    hahaha! my sister taught me to dip fries on! i don’t know that you can put fries on your burger O.o i don’t want to try it though =D my fries are ONLY for my sundae LOL

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