One Crepey Day

One boring day for me. Akira called and said they will pick me up in my house to hang today. I saw Yumi, Akira, Koji, Rui and Jiro outside my house. Yumi drag us in this Tokyo Cafe. Said we need to try crepes in this Tokyo Cafe cause it’s really good.

Entrance of the Cafe (Shinjuku Tokyo Japan)

20110830-020902.jpg 20110830-020917.jpg 20110830-020944.jpg 20110830-020958.jpg
Sign, Displays, Menu and Tissues of the Cafe

20110830-021009.jpg 20110830-021230.jpg 20110830-021247.jpg 20110830-021314.jpg 20110831-093405.jpg 20110831-093620.jpg
Our Crepes…awww so yummy. I love it. I tasted all…i love those. Try this Tokyo Crepe.

After eating,we passed by in Tokyo Tower. My favorite Tokyo Tower.
20110831-085938.jpg 20110831-085957.jpg

Didn’t i say it’s normal for us to see Tokyo Tower everyday? If you want to see Tower,come to Japan. You will never regret,it’s more regretful if you won’t visit it. It’s more beautiful at night.

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6 Responses to One Crepey Day

  1. ~ noie ~ says:

    yummy! i like to last two 😉
    there’s one in moa, ill try it next time ;p

  2. ate says:

    crepe!!!!!!!! =D you know, our school have that so i buy crepe..but sometimes i am poor so i don’t buy..hahaha! and you crepe there looks more delicious than in our university =)

  3. ~ noie ~ says:

    MOA = SM Mall of Asia, it’s the 3rd largest mall in the world 😉

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