I’m a Piano Teacher

Yesterday,our neighbor asked me a favor to teach her 5 year old daughter named Hana how to play the piano and said i was the only she knew can play great. Yiiieee,flattered hahaha Thank you very much. According to her,Hana love to listen while i was playing or practicing in piano and then one day Hana said that she wanted to learn and be as great as me,hahaha. *blushing* so sweet. They can hear my play cause our house is just near their house so sometimes i disturbed some of our neighbors when i was playing. Sorry (^^)V

20110831-113801.jpg 20110831-113841.jpg
Honestly,i’m nervous. I don’t have experience of being a teacher and i don’t know where or how to start. I didn’t attend any piano lesson. I’m a self taught person. I study on my own. So i really don’t know the basic of playing the piano. I don’t know what will i teach first.

Plus my classes will start very very soon so i don’t have my time to teach her (sniff). I hope she told me early as the vacation started,i have plenty of time. Now i can only teach her during holiday or weekends.

And i told them i’m not a good teacher but let’s see what i can do. 頑張って。

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4 Responses to I’m a Piano Teacher

  1. ~ noie ~ says:

    whee congrats! id like to be your student too 😉
    ganbatte! I hope this helps ;D http://www.americanpianoschool.com/

  2. ミカエラ says:

    Yiieee…Arigato =) I’d love to teach you.

  3. ate says:

    teach me Mikaela-sensei!!!!!! hahaha! gambatte ne!! i know you can do it..in my imagination, i can see Hana-chan is so cute and you are teaching her like a real sister..ahhh!! you both are cute! =D

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