First Day

I woke up early today. I’m excited because today is the first day that i will teach Hana chan how to play piano,Yippie!! I ready myself and eat my breakfast and do something need to do before going. I went to Hana chan’s house today,12pm. Kinda nervous but excited. Walking few steps from our house going to their house,just few blocks away. I’m nervous while walking cause i really don’t know what to do. I don’t know the basic of piano though i researched about it last night but i can’t just learn the basic in one night…geezz. I just read some information and notes. I’m a self taught pianist. I just played our piano for fun when i was young then woke up one day and realized i can play it. Hahaha No basic learning.

Reached Hana chan’s house. It was a beautiful house,not so big and not so small. Ordinary but cute. A lot of toys on the floor. First time to be here,we’re neighbor for not so long time but we’re not so close. (Note: Here in Japan,you cannot just enter a house of anyone as long as the owner invited you or your close to them. Privacy is IMPORTANT to us.) Her mother Kara san greeted me…i bowed to them. Then saw Hana chan playing her doll,she came to me and greeted “Kon’nichiwa” then dragged me to their piano. I asked “are you ready?” She nod “hmm” but asked alot of questions to me like this:

Hana: Do you really like piano,nee chan?
Me: yes.
Hana: When did you started to play?
Me: When i was 8.
Hana: Why piano?
Me: it’s the only instrument we have in our house and it’s easy to play.

and many more…….then said “Play one song,neechan before we start”. I played “ドレミの歌” the song that Sho sung in 24 Jikan Terebi last month. Hahaha i was inspired by that song. And it’s easy to understand by 5year old girl,i think. Click the picture to listen to the song.

After that,the teaching lesson started. Basic first but i really don’t know the basic (stupid teacher). Honestly,i really don’t know what to teach her first. But i just let her play it even if it didn’t sound good in the ear and she’s just pressing any keys. Her mother gave a music sheet of Alphabet song but i can’t read piano sheet so well. Remember i’m playing with ear? Still learning to read it. But since i knew how to play the Alphabet song,i pretended that i can read it. Hahaha Sorry (^^)V so yes,our first day went well (i guessed).

As i’ve said yesterday on my entry,i’m not a good teacher. I think our first day lesson is such a mess. I truly believe that she didn’t learned anything from me.

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2 Responses to First Day

  1. ~ noie ~ says:

    congrats! I guess it can’t be helped, at least you went ahead and prepared for it, she must be so happy 😉

  2. ate says:

    so cute~~ like noie chan said, hana-chan must be really happy with’s okay. you can do better next time! =)

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