Sweet Forest

We’re just walking and saw this shop and got fascinated by the design and structures so we decided to go inside. That’s the stupid thing we did cause i only 300yen in my pocket and Yumi has 500yen.  Just made our self hungry.

Sweet Forest
2-25-7 Midorigaoka, Meguro-ku Tokyo Japan

I super love all of it…Actually not so expensive. It’s affordable.

We only had these and we are share.

Sorry,only had few cakes that exact on our budget. I’m poor today. Okane nai. But we’ll promise to be back here next time.

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2 Responses to Sweet Forest

  1. ate says:

    you are poor only today bit i am ALWAYS poor..POOR ME! hahah! and that looks delicious!

  2. uwaaaaa…..so delicious…make me want to buy tomorrow again….today i eat cake…cheese cake is my favourite……tomorrow want to buy strawberries cake…. ^_^

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