First Day of Classes

Classes started already. Yes,i’m on my junior high! hahaha I miss my school. Even though i don’t have enough sleep last two days because of Arashi’s concert and having a little cold because of the rain,i still attended my class in SIS. I thought i’ll transfer school but thank god i’m not. I miss my classmates,been a while since saw them except others that who are my neighbors hahaha Yumi and i having colds right now. 2 days wet,hahaha.

After class,went to this Doughnuts Shop in Shinjuku for snack.

Krispy Kreme
Shinjuku Tokyo Japan




By the way,i finished writing my reports. For those who are interested to read my reports. Search for it. (^^)V

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One Response to First Day of Classes

  1. ate says:

    KRISPY KREME!!!! oh god i love their donuts so much~!!!! but it’s kinda expensive so i seldom buy 😉

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