Eating at Filipino Restaurant

We discover this Filipino Restaurant in the heart of Roppongi. It’s called “New Kamayan”. We tried it. The Filipina owner welcome us saying “Mabuhay“. I know what’s Mabuhay means,it means “Welcome”. We smiled at her and she led us to the vacant table. The ambiance is so relaxing and alot of picture frames hanging on the wall. I’ve noticed it to some Filipina houses i’ve entered. A lot of picture frames on the wall and had this big Spoon and Pork too. They are nice,smiling at us the entire time.

ニューカマヤン(New Kamayan)
東京都港区六本木5-9-22 第2千洋ビル2F
5-9-22 2F Roppongi、Minato-ku
Tel. 03-5410-1620

They give us the menu…Lol,we can’t understand it,hahaha. She maybe felt like we’re having trouble choosing then owners said “Try our Adobo,it’s one of the Philippines most famous cuisine.” Then just a snap,i remember that i eat Adobo before when me and my mom visited Philippines back in 2006 but i don’t know the taste of it now (^^)V and some of my Filipina friends in FB said that is really delicious. “Try Lechon,it’s delicious too.” Honestly,we don’t know what to order cause we’re not familiar with those food but since the owner said it’s delicious,we just said “Okay~!” We ordered Sinigang, Adobo, Lechon and fried chicken.
Super love the Adobo,really and the Lechon! It’s really delicious.

The owner and her 5 year old daughter talking to us after we ate. Short story of their life. They’ve been living here in Japan for almost 1 decade now. They started this business about 5 years ago since there are few Filipino restaurants here in Japan. They are nice and fun talking with we really enjoyed talking to them. They are talking in Filipino,but i couldn’t understand cause they’re talking so fast,i can’t catch up! hahaha They are speaking in Filipino then translating it after. She said “Maraming Salamat” and i answered “Walang Anuman“. She was shocked then asked “can you understand tagalog? You can speak?” I answered “Just little,very little. Just a few basic words only” then smiled at her. She said “Sugoi~!”. I heard her daughter asked “is she Filipina?” I answered “No”. “How come you understand tagalog?”. Me: “We have Filipina neighbors and i have a Filipina friends too,they teach me some basic words.” Then she said “Honto?“,i answered with smile.

After few more talks about “why i can speak/understand Filipino and some about Philippines” We decided to go. Before we leave,the owner said “Balik kayo (Come again).” and bowed to us. We smiled and bowed too. I have a full meal today and they are really delicious. I’m bloated. hahaha While walking Yumi asked “Where did you learned to speak and understand Filipino?”,answered her “in Facebook”. She said “Ah,so~?! I’ll be active in Facebook from now on so i can learn this Filipino language too.” Hahaha

Filipinas are really nice and happy people. I confirmed it in Facebook but more convinced when i talked to them. I really love talking to Filipina/o. They always had this smile in their face and help you whenever you are in need.  FILIPINA/O SAIKOU~~!! hahaha

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10 Responses to Eating at Filipino Restaurant

  1. ~ noie ~ says:

    wheee thank you, it’s overwhelming! 😉
    I’m happy that you were able to taste adobo [no quail eggs too] again, lechon is usually served during parties & I love sinigang on a cold weather,,, hope Yumi loved it too 😉

  2. ミカエラ says:

    Adobo is one of the most delicious food i’ve ever tasted. Super loved it. Yumi love it too but she’s more on Sinigang cause it’s sour. And the crispy Lechon. Hahaha

  3. ate says:

    my favorite is sinigang!! i am so happy Yumi loves sinigang too..i love sinigang more when my dad cooks it for me..and the lechon, yum!!!! i love adobo too..come here and my dad will cook filipino dishes for you, hahahah!

  4. ~ noie ~ says:

    right, hmm no snacks then,,, maybe you’ll find one some day 😉

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