One Day in Keikarou

Last friday night,mommy and i watching Aiba’s “My Girl” DVD then suddenly she said “I want to eat at Keikarou”. Looked at her,surprised! With one eye-brow up and question mark on my head. I was thinking Keikarou wasn’t showed at the drama. I was kinda like staring with few minutes then she looked at me saying:

Mom: What? I just said i want to eat at Keikarou?
Me: Just because you’re watching Aiba’s drama and now you want to eat at their restaurant?
Mom: Of course not. I just wanted to eat there,that’s it.
Me: Yeah right! You just wanted to see Aiba’s mom.

She always said that to me. We’ve been there thrice but we never had a chance to see Aiba’s mom. But i do,when i went there with Yumi’s family to celebrate her birthday around 2009. Aiba’s Family Chinese Restaurant located in Chiba Prefecture. I was kinda shocked but got excited. So,the next day (saturday) we went to Chiba Prefecture plus Yumi (Lol,she’s part of my family,we’re twins) to eat at Keikarou. We went there via train.

After train station,we walked! WALK! *tired*
Finally saw the Keikarou. Okay~picture first!
Keikarou In Chiba
〒262-0033 千葉市花見川区幕張本郷5-8-33
TEL 043-276-5880(代)| FAX 043-273-8274

WELCOME TO KEIKAROU,Aiba’s Family Restaurant. Arashi and Aiba are everywhere.
So wanted to get this puzzle! Esp. Aiba’s solo. If only i can grab it then run!!! Hahaha
And this stuff toys too…love the last stuffy wearing white. Costume when they collaborated with Disney in Disney Sea.
Aiba’s photos with MY SUPER FAVORITE PHOTO OF ARASHI. Can i grab it?
Message Book and Key chains/Cellphone straps. You can write your message to Aiba or to the Restaurant. I just wrote “Aiba chan,gambatte ne!? Say hi to Ohno for me (^^)V”

Time to eat!!! Hmm? what’s good to eat for today??!!
Ja~itadakimasu! Lol,everyone is looking at me while taking pictures of the food and everything inside Keikarou.

After eating,time to pay the bills.
This restaurant is kinda expensive but all worth it! The foods are so great!!
Thank you for the food and thank you for today!!!

Lol,she still didn’t saw Aiba’s mom. Hahaha It’s okay my poor mom. Next time,i’ll let my mom watch Maou so she can buy me Ohno’s stuff i like,hahaha.

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One Response to One Day in Keikarou

  1. ~ noie ~ says:

    there goes the msg, speechless, insert scream here hehehe
    I’d love to bring home all the arashi stuff 😉 and is that frozen strawberries, yum yum

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