Application for Foreign Student Exchange Program

Yesterday,i applied to the Foreign Student Exchange Program in our school. The offer is to study abroad for one year and experience the life in other school. Our school offers Malaysia,Singapore and Paris. I wanted this so badly,anywhere will do but i’d be so much happy if it is on Paris of course. Though i wanted to go to  Malaysia too cause i met wonderful people from Malaysia in Facebook and they are so nice to me. I so love to meet them and i want to see Kuala Lumpur. Never been to Malaysia before so i’m excited. Singapore is also a nice place. Been to Singapore twice and i want to try living as a Singaporean. 😉 And oh Paris,who doesn’t want to go and study in Paris? Great city and good in education. I really wanted to live in a Parisian way,i’ve been in Paris back in 2008 when daddy had a businness trip and our whole family went to have a vacation. Love the Disneyland Paris!

“Being an exchange student is a very rewarding experience, and often a life-changing one.”

And i so believe in it. Learning new things,culture,traditions and meeting new friends is like fulfilling a dream. An experience you can treasure all your life and also can transform you to be a better person. That is why i really wanted this so bad. No one knew about this yet except Yumi. She was with me when i applied. She said “You’re stupid,your mom will be mad at you”. I answered with smile. Lol,i’m really stupid. Making decisions without asking for any comments or opinions or consulting my family,that’s stupid but this is all i ever wanted. I’ve been trying to say this to my mom and dad many times before, that i really wanted to study abroad and live independently but they didn’t allow me. This is my chance, opportunity knocks only once so grab it now before anyone else does. Never mind if they will yell or scolded me after when they knew. I’m happy and really excited.

I research a lot on the benefits, disadvantages, advantages and how is a life of being an foreign student. And i really wanted to try. I research on Singapore, Malaysia and Paris’ way of life, Language, Place and their way of Education. Also their cultures, traditions and manners including Do’s and Don’ts. Everything. So on the time i’ll be there i won’t be look stupid in front of people. Hahaha Their cultures and traditions are so amazing. Kinda having a hard time on language but i can study and learn their language (i think).

Though,kinda sad too cause i’ll be far away from home if i’ll be chosen. No Mommy,No Daddy, No brother,No friends,No Arashi, Shibuya, Minato. Ahhhh~~~ nightmare!!! I’m going crazy! No things i used to do for one year,hahaha. But i’m looking forward to it and hoping i’ll be chosen.

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8 Responses to Application for Foreign Student Exchange Program

  1. ate says:

    hahaha! if ever you’ll be chosen, it’ll be a nightmare at first. but you’ll get used to it when the time passed by. i hope your mom and dad will understand. i still worry though.

  2. Maya Melivyanti says:

    Hi Mikaela..i just blog walking and found yours..I am living in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia now but really want to go to Japan.. hoping your wish to came here come true ..gambatte! 🙂

    • ミカエラ says:

      Wow,thank you for visiting my blog. Thank you very much…i’m praying to be the chosen one as an foreign student exchange and it will be in Malaysia. Thank you so much.

  3. ~ noie ~ says:

    right on! lots of luck! 😉

  4. waaa….can’t wait to know your result….if you get in malaysia tell me….anyways gambatte ne…^_^

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