You are a Japanese when…

I just can’t sleep so went to net surfing then i read this but i forgot where. But thank you for this. Just to know if you are a Japanese. Read and see if you are one of us…

1. You bow your head every few seconds when you speak. You bow when you say, “thank you”, “sorry”, “hello”, “good bye”, ” welcome”, “congratulations”, “excuse me”, “good night”, “good morning”, and more.
2. Every compliment ever paid to you you’ve responded with “Oh no, that’s not true…”.
3. You know what nattoo is and you either hate it or you love it.
4. You know why the words Rice and Meal mean the same thing.
5. You imitate the nasally voice of the train conductor and everyone laughs.
6. You are/have been addicted to the song “Tsunami” by Southern All Stars.
7. You know that shoyu never, ever goes on rice.
8. You’ve “accidentally” poured shoyu or some other sauce on your rice. “Accidentally” of course.
9. Your blood type is A.
10. You grew up watching Anpanman or Ultraman.
11. You know that it’s really “Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi”.
12. You watch American movies with Japanese in them and you think they’re speaking Chinese.
13. You apoogize profusely for no reason.
14. You know what the rabbits are doing up there on the moon.
15. You know what Shuriken are NOT because of an anime or manga.
16. At some point, you watched “Hotaru no Haka” and cried.
17. “Tonari no Totoro” was your “Little Mermaid”.
18. You know that frogs say, “gero gero”, not “ribbit”.
19. The quote, “boys be ambitious” is familiar to you.
20. You’ve bought nice clothing for cheaper than 5 dollars.
21. You can finish this sentence: “Sora wo jiyuu ni tobitai na!”, Hai! _____________!!!!”


1. You say “Hai” even if you are in other country.
2. You say will put your hands together and say “itadakimasu” before start eating and “gochisosama” after eating.
3. Index finger touching thumb and 3 other fingers extended for the OK sign.
4. You know that putting one’s feet on the furniture is extremely rude.
5. You use chopsticks when eating.

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