Mother & Daughter Bonding

My mom interrupted me on my time on facebook. I’m talking to one special friend,you know and we’re doing something important! She called me,i thought she will just say something but she dragged me outside. Went to Notting Hill Shop. Second time here and first time with mommy.

Notting Hill Cakes & Gifts
4-18-20 Nishi-Azabu Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Available Cupcakes

I don’t like the look of the other cupcake,hahaha But’s both delicious. Thank you for the food,mom.

Then we went anywhere. Odaiba,Shinjuku and around Minato. A mother and daughter bonding. Love my mom.

Rainbow Bridge and Big Ferris wheel
Odaiba’s Aqua City
Japan has an 18 meter tall, 35 ton full sized GUNDAM in Odaiba.

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One Response to Mother & Daughter Bonding

  1. ~ noie ~ says:

    LOL on the 2nd cupcakes shape! mother-daughter bond is more important hehe

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