Accident Prone Celebrant

They said that when your birthday is coming you are accident prone person but i really don’t believe it. I celebrated my birthday many times and never been to accident yet until this year….

Last week, I was walking down the street going to Shibuya to meet my friends…I was standing in front of the crossing lane with other people are waiting to the lights to turn go for the pedestrian to cross to the other side. Almost done crossing then suddenly…BOOM!! I got hit by a bicycle. It was really a hard impact on me. I fell down to my right arm and my butt hurt too. I really felt the pain. I felt I have broken bone or my bone is dislocated in my arm. Other pedestrians helped me. The person who is riding the bicycle is one young guy, not really young, i think on his early twenties. He put his bike down and asked me if I’m okay. Lol,I was crying and he’s asking me if I’m okay? (^^)V Police was there too to help me and investigate. I was brought to the hospital. I run some test like X-Ray and had an operation because my bone was dislocated and need to pull it back to it’s original place. They put metal braces to support. They put an orthopedic cast. I can still feel the pain. My mom and my dad also my brother are there, asking what happened. I told them the whole story. The bicycle rider apologized to my parents but my dad is mad. The doctor advising my mom to not carry heavy things on my right arm and don’t use it too often.


I got home from the hospital with my right arm casted the 2 days after. I’m on my fourth day with this cast on me but i’m fine. I’m good. Yumi went to our house to visit me. She said “baka! Using ketai on the street? (smirk) How are you?” with a smack. I answered “I’m fine!” Next day,I still go my classes. Kinda feel awkward cause of other students looking at me while walking but it’s cute, all the attentions are mine. Haha. I was asking my self how will i write? But my  wonderful friends and best friends are helping me. They carry my things for me. I still can eat and do other things without hassle except taking a bath and writing. It’s hard to take a bath~! Hahaha. Yumi writing our notes for me.

On my next checkup, My mom asked the doctor for how long will I wear this braces. The doctor said “2 to 3 months so probably, you have it until next year. I was shocked “What? 2-3 months? That long?” He also added that I need to wear this until the wounds healed and as soon as the bone back to it’s place. Don’t use my left arm too often, let it rest cause it will add burden to it and won’t heal. But I have a competition. I told the doctor that I have a music competition on Dec. and I will compete but He said “Sorry but you can’t compete! You need to rest! You can’t play piano for now!” It was like a bomb exploded to my ear that moment. I want to cry when I heard the sentence “YOU CAN’T PLAY PIANO FOR NOW!.” I was waiting for that competition for 2 years ago cause only junior high students can join and this is the time I’ve been waiting for but this accident happened and again lose my chance . *SAD* I just waited for nothing. Haha :’)

My piano teacher slash coach saw me and i told her i can’t compete anymore,she was sad. Lol,me too. But it’s as if we have a choice? I need to back out!

I tried to play piano yesterday during break but Yumi caught me and gave me a smack on my head. Ouch! She said “Baka, you didn’t heard what the doctor said or I still need to remind you? (putting her mouth on my ear level then yell) You can’t play piano!” I try cover my ear. “Is that clear now? ” I said “just a short version!”. Looking at me with sharp look! “Okay~!” I put my hands up as a sign of surrender. Close the piano and smiled at her. WOW! Why I have a best friend like her? Super strict! Lol,kidding. I love her so much!

I will celebrate my Birthday, Christmas and New Year with this on me. YIPPIE!! Hahaha I will also watch my favorite group’s concert next year with this,haha HAPPY!!


Okay~ it’s my fault texting on the street but honestly i wasn’t really texting…I’m just looking at my phone while crossing the pedestrian lane. And i really made sure I was looking around before crossing so i really don’t know why i got hit by a Bicycle? And isn’t it the bicycle was supposed to stop because it’s the green light is on as a sign for the people to cross? So whose fault is it?

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2 Responses to Accident Prone Celebrant

  1. ate says:

    eeeeehhhhh??? BAKA MIKAELA!!!! lol jk. gosh i was so shocked by this O.o so sad you can’t play piano..good thing your friends help you a lot 🙂 Yumi is a strict bestfriend, hahaha!! by the way, your cask color is cute, haha! be strong girl 😉 [and this accident was last week, i don’t even know] lol, congrats you have a cute pink cast on your arm until last year. if you play piano, i’ll smack you on your head too and i’ll shout, “CLOSE THE PIANO NOW!” 😛 get well soon..i love you!! -ate
    PS: i don’t know how to ride a bicycle (lol what’s the connection?!) i’m gonna kick that bicycle rider’s butt! :p

  2. ~ noie ~ says:

    omg, when you said you dislocated your arm – i assumed it got twisted & you’ll be using a shoulder sling – whew you also got an operation on top of it – do what the elders tell you so you’ll be back to normal in no time – take care always! 😉

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