Accident Again (^^;)

I really don’t know if i’m such an accident prone person, clumsy or whatever? Or i’m really stupid. Yesterday,i got into accident again…i slipped while going down from our school stairs and my arm hit the handle. This time,the victim is the left arm (Ouch!). I fell to my left leg and arm. Yumi didn’t caught me. It’s really embarrassing. Now,i have bruises on both arms and i’m useless. Hahaha 


Bruises i got from the accident. This are on my left leg and on my left arm. I still has the marks and the trauma of my previous accident and now i have new. Hahaha

This year is really SPECIAL to me,haha Thank you for the gift!!! ^^V

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2 Responses to Accident Again (^^;)

  1. ate says:

    LOL. Baka!~ joke. comgrats on your new gift, hahahaha!!!!!! be more careful next time 🙂

  2. ~ noie ~ says:

    ouch, take care! [checking your cp again hehe]

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