My Gifts

Gifts i received for my SPECIAL DAY.

Starbucks planner 2012 from Koji. Thank you very much….

Hello Kitty Pencil Case from Akira. Thank you.

Necklace from my dad’s brother and family living in Sendai. Thank you.

Bag from best friend Yumi and Necklace from Riko. Thank you.

Miffy watch and necklace set from Mommy. Thank you.

Cupcakes from classmates. Thank you.

Bvlgari perfume from my Brother. Thank you.

Lol,this is not my actual camera but same as this. From my loving daddy. Maybe he is so annoyed cause every time i saw this i always said “I want that! I want that!” But he ignore me…and then he gave it to me at the restaurant while we’re having a family dinner (details later). Thanks dad,you are the best!!

Thank you for all the gifts. Love you all…

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2 Responses to My Gifts

  1. ate Lexi says:

    you got cute gifts from your friends there..the starbucks planner 😉 and gosh! you got luxurious gifts from your family..that expensive perfume, that glittering watch and necklace and that camera, wooooow!!! i never had like those gifts during my birthday, hahaha! you are so lucky~ 🙂

  2. ~ noie ~ says:

    lovely; can i have a cup cake hehe

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