Date with Friends | Kaibutsu kun 3D Movie

Eating somewhere in Minato with friends on the day of my birthday. I was dragged here,i forgot the name sorry…next time. Riko, Aki, Koji ,Yumi, Rui and Me having a lunch date before going to the Cinema to watch the Kaibutsu kun in 3D movie. Anyway,i don’t like the food. Yikes! Hahaha


No offense to the owner of the restaurant,maybe it’s safe if i will not tell the name of the shop. It’s not really good.

And because i really don’t like the food on the first Resto,we just decided to eat Sushi at the Sushi Shop we passed by. Itadakimasu~! After eating,we watched Kaibutsu kun in theaters.


Happy Birthday to us!! Thank you for today!!

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5 Responses to Date with Friends | Kaibutsu kun 3D Movie

  1. F. says:

    Happy birthday 🙂 all the way from a reader in Kuwait.

  2. ate Lexi says:

    oh come on! just show your face! hahaha!

  3. ~ noie ~ says:

    whee movie, i agree more pics 😉

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