End of the world by Ryan Higa

Love this video,so funny~! Hahaha Love ryan higa so much,isn’t he half Jap right? Hahaha that’s why i love him more! Live life to it’s fullest.

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3 Responses to End of the world by Ryan Higa

  1. ate Lexi says:

    i was so happy when Sean Fujiyoshi was there. It’s been years they haven’t made videos together 😀

  2. ミカエラ says:

    I don’t know him but he is so funny! “Dan! Dan Dan!” Hahaha Fujiyoshi? Japanese?

    • ate Lexi says:

      yes he is japanese. Sean and Ryan started youtube videos together like when they where 15-17yrs old. But sean left bcoz of college after few years. So left ryan doing his videos alone. But they were still bestfriends that time. They were also in an indie film together. Ryan also had his indie movie, i guess around 2010. His 30-min movie is in his channel, Agents of Secret Stuff.

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