Acronyms by D-Trix

He is so my favorite out of all. Haha The looks,the way he talks. Very FUNNY~! Check out more of his videos on his channel ->

DTF? Hahaha

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3 Responses to Acronyms by D-Trix

  1. ate Lexi says:

    he has a blood of a Filipino you know. i love him esp. when he’s with Ryan Xd. he’s real name is Dominic Salvador. Check out all the YTF members. You’ll love them!!

    • ミカエラ says:

      Really?! Wow. Me too,i love the whole gang,hahaha I saw the YTF members,i love the “Ho Ho Ho” Song! I’ve read that Chester See also has a Filipino blood.

      • ate Lexi says:

        yes! And also Andrew Garcian and JR Aquino are filipinos. For me, JR Aquino is the best singer in YTF, hahaha! Victor Kim has a Korean blood and Kevin Wu(kevjumba) has a Chinese blood. I also like Kevin, he is cute! 😀 well, dominic is a great dancer. And also victor! 😉

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