Friendship Anniversary

I didn’t know such thing as Friendship Anniversary exist but I’m happy celebrating my first year friendship anniversary today with one special friend. Congratulations to us~! Hahaha


Jan 17. I met a girl from a far away land and became my friend. We are two different people with two different personality from two different countries but by chance we met! Hahaha I’m so happy~!! Only last year,i met an international friends because of (you know) but i never expect we would be this close. Talking different language but we understand each other.

To NC:

Like my message to you before that i wrote in Jap but translated cause you demand a translations,hahaha. For your trust,thank you. For your friendship,thank you. For your message day by day,thank you. For the tease,thank you. For some sleepless night,thank you. You are the sister i’ve never had and i really wish for so thank you very much Thank you for the patience too (^^)V We don’t personally met and not personally talking but i enjoyed your company. All my prayers and love are always with you. 143!

Sorry for the childish,the shallowness, the nonsense thing too,most of the times. And all the imperfections in me. Thank you for all your gifts.

Happy first year friendship anniversary to us! Way to go…more years for us! Kampai~!!

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2 Responses to Friendship Anniversary

  1. ate Lexi says:

    omedetou to you two girls!!! 😀

  2. ~ noie ~ says:

    Being able to keep in touch although we’re miles apart & haven’t met is an achievement! This really needs a celebration, thank you for everything and more power to us! ^_^

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