Personal Life Strikes

Hello Everyone~! Hisashiburi ne?! Sorry for not posting for this month of February,I’m really really busy with School Activities and practice.

First 3 days of Feb,i was out of the town due to our school trip (Photos Soon) and when i came back to Tokyo,i really thought i could rest but there are lots of Activities in Schools and exams and whatever. So i really don’t have time to rest and post here even on my other accounts. Now,i have piano practice because i joined a contest and our practice takes several hours. Sometimes i come home late and tired to when i enter my room,go straight to my bed then BOOM Dead! Hahaha

I’ll catch up soon,i promise. See you soon.


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2 Responses to Personal Life Strikes

  1. ~ noie ~ says:

    don’t tire yourself 😉

  2. yuno says:

    gambatte ne….take care your health…don’t be sick…get some rest… ^_^

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