Disappointed Me

I tried to quit blogging way before and i’ve been thinking about it for such a long time until now but i didn’t quit because of the bond and friendship formed with those people i’ve met. And i don’t regret staying until now,but now i’m disappointed and frustrated because one of the person told me “not to give up” and say “just stay” QUIT with lame excuses that she wants to have more time for her family, friends and studies. She’s always stopping me every time i wanted to. I told her about quitting way before but she said “There are lots of people will miss you”, “Many people will be sad” and so on and so for.  But now she’s quitting. Eesh,do you think what i’m doing is easy? My work is easier that yours? I don’t have time for my family and friends. I’m always in front of my computer because of all of you. I stayed. I tried balanced my time for studies and for blogging even sometimes i don’t have enough sleep, get sick and yet i stayed. I forget the old me just because some people out there are saying many people relying to what am i doing. I gone into issues with my name and nationality questioned by others,still i didn’t quit. And now you are quitting? 2 weeks gone then be back and you are telling you are quitting? I guess i don’t know you a lot so i don’t understand and i will never understand.

If it’s easier for you to quit,you should have not told me those things? I wasn’t here anymore and all my blogs was supposed to be deleted by now! I’m not mad i just want to point of my reasons and release my frustrations.

MOOD:  がっかり

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One Response to Disappointed Me

  1. ~ noie ~ says:

    aww i hear the frustration

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