New Ipad~!

Finally,i have my own Ipad from Softbank~! Yahooo~! Yippie~! Throw Confetti. Fireworks! Hahaha Okay exaggerated,i know. But i can’t believe i have my own ipad now. I’ve been asking my dad,my mom and my brother to buy me an IPAD but they keep on telling me “You don’t need it,you have 2 laptop already!” Eeshh. Yes,2 old laptop that I’ve been using for almost 3 years now. Sniff and it keeps on hanging already. Hahaha. Anyway,i’m happy i have my Ipad now~!! Yiee~!

Not truly happy! One special friend and i haven’t talking yet because of my childish act and stupid entry! STUPID ME!!!

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2 Responses to New Ipad~!

  1. ~ noie ~ says:

    nice, early grad gift 😉

  2. yuno says:

    wooowww….nice gift….hope i can get 1 too….hahaha… ^_^

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