Simple Make Ups for Prom

Yes,i’m still awake. Actually i just woke up. This is the only time that i can be able to go online,in midnight. It’s 3.41 according to my laptops clock. Haha so good morning.

I’m looking for a good make up for me for our promenade on the 2nd week of May. Yums and i needs to attend promenade and we are looking for simple look for us with make ups on. And a look for my Aunt Yuina’s wedding on June. Wow,lots of special events coming. And luckily i found Michelle Phan channel on Youtube. She’s really pretty and she’s amazing. I’m really happy i found this video on Youtube. I like this “Hippie Princess” Look,very pretty. This is really simple but super nice. I love it.

Hippie Princess

I super like this “Hippie Princess” Look. So simple but elegant. And not flashy. So i won’t get too much attentions from others people. As all you knew that Japanese people really dress and love putting makes ups exaggeratedly during occasions but i’m not saying all of them. *Peace* Anyway, i just love the simplicity of the look. Not so edgy. Haha

Purple hazy look

And Yums likes this one. She like Matsumoto Jun from Arashi (Japanese Boy Band) so she chose purple colors for her makes ups. Also simple but it looks great! Hope to look great to her too,haha.

Since we don’t have make ups like she’s using and those are expensive,haha Lol, just experiment with what we have and available. Use different colors if necessary but we will just the copy her style and the looks. Hopes it will look good on US. Haha

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3 Responses to Simple Make Ups for Prom

  1. ~ pinches ~ says:

    do you have a dress already? i’m thinking you’d go for pink or blue or violet; make a poll 😉

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