Christmas Gifts For Me From The Philippines~!

Arrived at December 24, afternoon! These are really important to me because very important people gave these to me as my Christmas gifts. Thank you very much~! From the bottom of my heart, super thank you. These are really precious to me.

IMG_3124 IMG_3125
IMG_3134 IMG_3135
JD: Thank you so much! I love the shirt and the clip and the necklace so much! Pardon my gift,it’s just that i don’t know what your favorites or likes…make it up next Christmas! Thank you.

IMG_3126 IMG_3127
IMG_3137 IMG_3138
NC,Thank you~! Thank you for buying Yums her manila shirt and for buying my dad a Philippine Jeep. Haha Daddeee loved it so much~! Next Christmas again~! 143!

IMG_3132 IMG_3133
MP: Thank you for delivering our gifts and for being my friend who helped me a lot. I know we don’t don’t much but i’m happy to be friends with you and meet you. See you soon when you come back~! Thank you for all the gifts, this is too much!!! Thank you.

We will see each other soon~!

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One Response to Christmas Gifts For Me From The Philippines~!

  1. ~ pinches ~ says:

    hahaha your jeep is gone… welcome and thank you as well 😉

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