Thank you 2013! 

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3 Responses to OUCH!

  1. Judith says:

    I don’t open my wordpress much (as you can see there are no posts in my blog because I don’t know what to post) so I don’t know that you were sick, just now. I don’t text/pm you because I know that you have hard days at school..and you are also working (WOOOOW),.aaaand I don’t want to be a bother and I don’t want to be a disturbance in your studies. Senior year in high school is HARD, I know that, I’ve been through that.. Take care of yourself Mikaela. You are toooo young to have stress.

  2. ミカエラ says:

    Haha~! It’s okay, I understand. I know you are busy too in school so i really understand. But please don’t think it’s you. It’s friend of mine who doesn’t even care for me. Haha~! Yumi texted you too? Yumi texted Noelyn that i’m sick?! Geezz Yumi…you spread it.

    I’m good now, thank you very much. I just got home and resting now. I’m Good!! Haha Miss you much!!

    • Judith says:

      Yokatta~!!! 😀 i also saw Noelyn posted on your wall “Get well soon” so I was shocked. thank God you’re okay :”> nope, she didn’t texted me. and I want one of the meiji chocolate(but i want the black chocolate more 😛 )

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