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Dying Wish #1

I hope i can play this for him before i’ll die. But i can’t read piano notes so well, honestly not totally at all. Only a bit. Didn’t i say i only play piano by ear?! Haha But i will … Continue reading

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Death is inevitable.

When i was kid, when my grandmother died because of a terrible disease. I was so much in pain and i can’t manged to look at her until the last time. I just cried so much because i was really … Continue reading

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ホワイトデイおめでとう〜! We are celebrating Valentine’s day differently. Well for us girls,haha~! Well, everyone know that Valentine’s day is for Couples only right? Like having romantic dinner, or giving chocolates and flowers on the day of February 14. But for us … Continue reading

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ハピネス〜! | オールドトラッフォード、ロンドン

ただいま〜!私を欠場? haha 香川真司の試合を見にオールドトラッフォード、マンチェスターに行ってきました。 マンチェスター·ユナイテッド対ノリッジ。 私はとても驚いたよ、彼らはそんなに真司さん大好き〜!   遠く離れて彼から。 香川真司の最初の目標〜!おめでとう〜! 第二の目標   番三の目標   マンチェスターウォン 4ー0。 おめでとうございます〜! あなたに会えてうれしいです、真司さん〜! 日本人であることが私はとても誇りになっています。 「ありがとう」そして「頑張れ」 今、私は本当に彼のジャージが欲しい。 私は、いずれかを購入する機会がなかった。なぜですか? 在庫無し! Grrr~! 見てください~! 真司さん最高〜!楽しんでください〜!

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Late Valentine Date with the Dentist and Friends~!

Hello Everyone! Happy Valentine’s Day! Late greetings, sorry! Haha Really busy with work and school so i have no time to update this blog. Anyways, how’s everyone? I hope you are all okay?! Well. i’m doing okay! After the hospitalization … Continue reading

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Thanks for this~!

While at the hospital. This what my right  hand looked like. From Yumi’s phone, she took a pictures of me while sleeping. I won’t be hospitalize again, promise! It’s so hard!

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Hello, I just got home from the hospital and i’m really happy!! Haha I’m very good now,nothing to worry about! The doctor said that i just need is a total rest and eat nutritious food. DON’T SKIP MEALS, that’s the … Continue reading

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