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Thanks for this~!

While at the hospital. This what my right  hand looked like. From Yumi’s phone, she took a pictures of me while sleeping. I won’t be hospitalize again, promise! It’s so hard! Advertisements

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Hello, I just got home from the hospital and i’m really happy!! Haha I’m very good now,nothing to worry about! The doctor said that i just need is a total rest and eat nutritious food. DON’T SKIP MEALS, that’s the … Continue reading

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What a good start, 2013~!

It’s 4.13AM according to my clock and I’m bored! I’m here at this Hospital near our house. Yes, I’m here at this boring hospital. It’s so quiet and i can’t sleep. I was brought here last Friday night after I … Continue reading

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I’m continuing to watch “Mawang” (Maou of Japan). I’ve watched it once and now i’m re-watching it again because i didn’t understand it and i just want to know if Ohno Satoshi of Japan gave justice to the character he … Continue reading

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Thank god,i had the chance to update this blog of mine. It’s been one week with no entries. I’ve been very busy with school so i really can’t post any entries here on my personal blog. Pardon. Plus i got … Continue reading

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I’m Home

I’m home now! Yippie. I just got home today. See,i really don’t need to stay in the hospital for week. I’m fine,my mom just over reacted cause i’ve been sick for a week. I miss my room,my phone,my posters,my magazine. … Continue reading

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My goodness,i’ve been watching Hana Yori Dango for 4 days now. I’m seriously watching it from the very start! I’m still on Season 1 episode 4. I love Matsumoto so much. I can’t get over it. It’s really good to … Continue reading

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